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About Champions

play_champions_002_300Play Champions are people who don't just think play is important for children, they are the people who actually do something that gets kids out to play. The Keep Playing Team are on a mission to find as many Play Champions as possible in Tower Hamlets, you can see the great things they do on the Keep Playing website.


play_champions_001_300Here's a glimpse at two of our first Junior Play Champions, Michael and Alfie. These lads care so much about where they play that they walked (and ran) 11 times around Weavers Fields to raise funds to keep Weavers Adventure Playground open.


And not to leave out the grown ups we've also got a short film about Play Champion Sarah, who has made sure that children get to play in a community garden. Click the link to watch Play Champion Sarah at Rocky Park Summer 2011 from Play Association Tower Hamlets on Vimeo.

Nominate a Play Champion

If you think someone in your local community is reallly doing that bit extra to get children out and playing we'd love you to nominate them as a Play Champion. Use this link to drop us an email with your nominated Play Champions name and tell us why you think that person is a Tower Hamlets Play Champion.

Become a Play Champion

If you believe that a healthy estate is one where children are seen out playing and are keen to do more about it contact the Keep Playing team, Eleanor Image and Suzannah Walker on 020 7729 3306 or email us here.