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Tower Hamlets Play Champions are people who don't just think play is important for children, they are the people who actually do something that gets kids out to play.

The Keep Playing Play Champions pages are full of stories of the marvellous things local adults and children are doing to get children playing out on their doorsteps.


Feel free to tell us your story or just read and admire the wonderful work that happens every day.

Alfie Hatch
There is 1 story by Alfie Hatch
Margaret Cox
There is 1 story by Margaret Cox
Sean Thomas-Stewart
There is 1 story by Sean Thomas-Stewart
Conor Caruna
There is 1 story by Conor Caruna
Charlie Ayton
There is 1 story by Charlie Ayton
Kelda Lyons
There is 1 story by Kelda Lyons
Paul Sammut
There is 1 story by Paul Sammut